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Energy Performance Certificates in Moraira and Javea - What it means to you, information, advice and prices.

On the 1st June 2013 it became law that every property for sale in Spain or for rent must have an energy perfomance report / certificate. This includes all apartments and villas for sale in Moraira and Javea.

By law all property sales completing at the Notrary from 1st June 2013 onwards must have an energy certificate and it must be given to the Notary to be included in the new "Escritura". It is against the law for the Notary to produce a new "Escritura" without one.

The Energy Performance Certificate is also a report detailing the material structure of the building and it's insulation properties and all the installations i.e.: boiler, air-conditioning etc with recommendations of improvements that can be made to improve the energy rating.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a property owner with a property for sale in Moraira or Javea listed with local estate agents then you need an Energy Certificate.

The energy certificate rating must be displayed on all marketing material given to prospective purchasers including all Estate Agent's particulars, their website listings and any advertisements whether printed or on-line.

If you are yet to organise this then we can help you meet your legal obligations. We have collaborated with a trained reputable Architect who will produce the certificate for you for a specially negociated price, see table below.

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Just as in the UK when the energy certificates were introduce there, in Spain there has been a wait and see what happens attitude especially from the Spanish owners.

But we have been warned that the Spanish Government intends to have a strong crack down for a few months starting during the Summer with prosecuting a number of Estate Agents and owners with heavy punitive fines being forecast to make an example of them and motivate everyone else to comply.

We have heard that because of this some agents are threatening to de-list properties without an energy certificate, we think this is a bit extreme and maybe not the best way to motivate owners into action, but the fines are large and not to be dimissed lightly.

We strongly advise all concerned to get these certificates as soon as possible.

If you also require either "Cedula de Habitabilidad de Segunda Ocupacion" (Certificate of Ocuppancy) or an Architect's Certificate for an "Obra Nueva de Ampliacion" (Property Extention Certificate) our Architect has given us special prices for these as well if done at the same time as the Energy Certificate, that way he only needs to make one trip to your property.

He will also produce and include for free a floor plan of your property with both the Energy and Extension Certificates, an excellent extra marketing tool.

If you are a buyer you have the right to see the full energy report before purchasing a property thus giving you the ability to make an informed judgement regarding any proposed purchase decision.

If the owner does not provide the Energy Certificate prior to purchase you may have recourse in the Courts should something come to light that would have materially affected the purchase decision.

Certificate Prices:

Only Energy Performance
Only Habitancy
Only Extention Works + Geo Coordinates
Energy Performance & Habitancy
Energy Performance & Extentions + Geo Coordinates
Habitancy & Exterions + Geo Coordinates
Energy Performance & Habitancy & Extentions + Geo Coordinates 


1.- The above prices do not include VAT
2.- Free property floor plans with the Certificates of Extension of Property and / or the Energy Performance.
3.- All Certificate of Occupancy and Extension of Property prices include College of Architect stamp.
4.- The Energy Performance Certificate price does not include an authentication stamp from the College of Architect as the Royal Decree (Law) does not mention this is mandatory.
5.- If an authentication stamp is not required for the Certificate of Occupancy or Extension of Property, 30 € will be deducted from the price of each certificate.

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