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The capital gains from the sale of a property must be declared in the Tax Return of the corresponding tax year.

To calculate the capital gains, the acquisition value must be substracted from the transfer value, which will be updated using a coefficient which will vary depending on the year in which the property was purchased.

Cases in which the sale of a main residence is not taxed in the yearly Tax Return:

  • When a main residence is purchased by over 65 year old people or by people in a situation of severe or great dependency.
  • Whenever the total amount obtained from the sale of the main residence is reinvested in the purchase of a new main residence (only a main residence and not a second home) in a maximum of 2 years from the date in which the property is sold to the date in which the new property is purchased.

For residents, the first 6.000€ from the transfer of a property are taxed at 19%. The remaining amount is taxed at 21%.

All the above is just for your information and from Brassa Real Estate, S.L, we recommend that you use the services of a tax consultant.