Aktualisierte Dokumentation zum Verkauf Ihrer Immobilie

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Immobilien zum verkauf

When it comes to selling your house, it is your responsibility to have all legal documentation in order and a valid Certificate of Habitability at the time of completion of the sale of your property.

First of all, you will need an Energy Efficiency Certificate, compulsory from 1st June 2013 for all properties for sale or rent and it must be included in all promotions or advertising related to the sale of a property. It must always appear in the sales brochure in a clear and unambiguous manner, an energy certificate is valid for ten years.

Secondly, if you have carried out any extensions in the past or your property does not physically agree with the description in the Deeds, you will need to declare the extension and have it added by a Notary on to your Title Deeds. For this, you will need a Certificate of New Build or Extension from an architect with a description of what needs to be added to the deeds by the Notary.

Furthermore, you will need a current Certificate of Habitancy, which is an administrative document from the Town Hall which confirms that a property complies with the minimum conditions of habitancy in accordance with the current legislation and it is fit to be used as a residence for people, these are valid for ten years.

This certificate is called “Cedula de Habitabilidad de Segunda Ocupacion” or Certificate of Habitancy of Second Occuppancy if it refers to second hand properties or properties which already exist.

We at Brassa Real Estate have negociated a special price from our architect for producing these certificates; please see our page for more details about the special certificate pricing.